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Wismec Batteries

If you are a vaper of discerning taste, you expect the best from your e-liquid and vape equipment. Having premium vaping equipment can mean the difference between an incredible vaping experience and a less than desirable one with bad-tasting e-liquid and a vape that doesn’t provide the desired vapor cloud. Fortunately, the system created by Wismec electronics was made with true vapers in mind.

Our selection of Wismec Reuleaux batteries and other Wismec technology, such as the 18650 box-mod housing, makes sure that you are getting the most out of your Wismec equipment and customizing it to your personal liking. Further, we also offer the best 18650 battery on the market for this kind of equipment, minimizing the replacement or repair you will have to do on your Wismec system or Wismec battery. Look below to see our collection of Wismec RX batteries, and see how you can upgrade your vaping experience.