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Vape Device Batteries

Your vape device is powered by a battery. If the battery is weak, the e-cig will not be able to produce vapor efficiently. It is always a good idea to carry a backup battery because there will be times when you are not at a place where you can conveniently plug in your vape battery charger.

We carry a large selection of popular e-cig batteries. Our eGo One battery is a pass-through battery that allows you to vape while your e-cig is charging. You will not have to interrupt your vaping experience as long as you have a place where you can plug in your charger. The Sony 18650 battery and charger are inexpensive, and the 2100mAh battery can keep your e-cig powered all day long. The iStick batteries offer temperature control and adjustable voltage so you can customize your vaping experience.